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Majestic Mount Jerai Tour

Do you have the soul to make it to the top? Isolated from the other mountain ranges of the Peninsula, Mount Jerai was a welcoming beacon to the 16th century Indian and Arab seafaring traders. The 3,854 feet (1,175m) massive limestone outcrop is a lone feature to the surrounding scenic flat plains. As it was a sacred place to the ancient Malays before, presently Jerai's switchbacks serve as a sacred ground to most devoted local cyclists.Distance of 12 kilometres, averaging at 9% gradient and maximum gradient of 15%, this ascent tops even the famous Alpe De' Huez. It doesn't let up, the asphalt rising consistently and the last 3 kilometres to the summit is the hardest pitching at 11% to 14% gradient. Feel the mystique of your every pedal stroke listening to your own heavy breathing. The road to the top snakes amidst lush forest and with the absence of traffic - Mount Jerai is certainly a gem! PRICE : MAX 6 RIDERS - MYR MAX 12 RIDERS - MYR MAX 15 RIDERS - MYR MAX 24 RIDERS - MYR DURATION : FULL DAY For details, please drop us an email at mataharicycle@gmail.com OR Whatsapp / call +60194480440. Thank you.
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Penang Balik Pulau Countryside Tour

This ride is design for those looking for a day out of the congestion of Georgetown. Soak the morning air while we ride along the beautiful trails through "kampungs", plantations, paddy fields and fishing village. Visiting the local communities and farmlands to witness village life and folks industries just on another side of Penang Island. Only less then 10kms from the heart of Georgetown, life takes a quieter approach. An absence from a busy city life - Charming Balik Pulau has its own unique characteristics - best discovered only with us on two wheels. DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Penang Island DURATION 1/2 Day to 3/4 Day INCLUDED Lunch Water Local transportation Professional guide NOT INCLUDED Airfare Accommodations   For enquiry and bookings, please drop us an email at mataharicycle@gmail.com or call +6019 4480 440. Thank you.
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Penang Highlands Premier Ride

Penang Highlands Premier Ride. The enchanting highlands of Penang have so much allure that it is impossible to complete in a single outing. The backbone of the island and with its vast network of trails made it possible to start our ride at almost anywhere. A single word - INTIMATELY, that is how well we know our local trails. The fragrance of this tour lies in its alluring uniqueness found along the journey itself. To travel by bicycle is to never actually arrive, the journey itself is the destination. Lose yourself in the network of single trails - get mesmerize with the view from the top of the peaks, the rugged western coastline with its secluded beaches or the magnificent flower filled Blue Valley from the top of Mount Elvira. Enjoy the best Mountain Biking routes on the island and get prepared to be teased by highlights and surprised yourselves with wonders you never knew exist. This is a highly personalized tour where we had often taken out a single client on each of our outing - to suit the ability of rider/s, things that they are expecting and with our believe that each and every traveller is unique. We shall only assemble a group if you have made a group booking consisting of among your own friends or family members. However, each group outing is limited to a maximum of 6 riders only. Much of the places we are riding along are secluded and keeping a small numbers of riders are important to maintain the privacy of small and remote settlements that we will be passing along. The members of our crew particular your guides are highly experience and are able to evaluate your ability as we ride along - routes and places presented will depend on this assessments. Most importantly, we take into consideration what you are looking for. We have routes rated from easy, moderate to challenging. Of course, you can stop and relax at anytime you want, our support vehicle is also available at many selected areas. So let's RIDE, RELAX and Remember it Forever.   DEPARTURE AND RETURN LOCATION Penang Island DURATION Full Day INCLUDED Top Quality Moutain Bike & Helmet Hydrations & Snacks Lunch Transfers Support Vehicle Professional guide NOT INCLUDED Airfare Accommodations   For enquiry and bookings, please drop us an email at mataharicycle@gmail.com or call +6019 4480 440. Thank you.
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