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Majestic Mount Jerai Tour

Do you have the soul to make it to the top? Isolated from the other mountain ranges of the Peninsula, Mount Jerai was a welcoming beacon to the 16th century Indian and Arab seafaring traders. The 3,854 feet (1,175m) massive limestone outcrop is a lone feature to the surrounding scenic flat plains. As it was a sacred place to the ancient Malays before, presently Jerai's switchbacks serve as a sacred ground to most devoted local cyclists.Distance of 12 kilometres, averaging at 9% gradient and maximum gradient of 15%, this ascent tops even the famous Alpe De' Huez. It doesn't let up, the asphalt rising consistently and the last 3 kilometres to the summit is the hardest pitching at 11% to 14% gradient. Feel the mystique of your every pedal stroke listening to your own heavy breathing. The road to the top snakes amidst lush forest and with the absence of traffic - Mount Jerai is certainly a gem! PRICE : MAX 6 RIDERS - MYR MAX 12 RIDERS - MYR MAX 15 RIDERS - MYR MAX 24 RIDERS - MYR DURATION : FULL DAY For details, please drop us an email at mataharicycle@gmail.com OR Whatsapp / call +60194480440. Thank you.
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