04Syed Jaafar Ghouse or SJ as he is known, is the founder of Matahari Cycle Tours & Travel. He is the Managing Director and is in charge of all aspect of the business. What started out as a hobby 15 years ago has evolve into a burning compassion. SJ is seen as a pioneer and adviser in the local cycling scene. Many has seek from him the knowledge, experience, dedication and his undivided attention in lifting the spirit and the ability of cyclists looking to move on to the next level.
Many want to take up cycling to lose weight, gain stamina or strength – in his own words “You do not do something with the sole intention of getting results, you first have to love what you are doing – put whatever gains and benefits as a by-product”. Cycling sets one’s soul to freedom – and freedom is the addiction.
Along putting together a dedicated team to support willingly riders who wants to experience a new dimension in endurance cycling to being invited to co-organize huge cycling events – SJ’s other credits lie in the fact of knowing the inner trail routes of Penang. ” Having been riding all these years, the heart of Penang Island keeps fascinating me like I am a growing kid”.
Apart from cycling in Penang and all over Malaysia, he has organise multiple day cycling trip into and within the Southern Thailand. Has sample conditions in Indonesia and also mountains of Nepal.
Before giving his full attention to travel & cycling, SJ started his working career with MAS at the Agency Sales Desk. After 9 years he ventured into development and stayed on for 11 years. He also had a stint at a travel agency.






Princilia Lee ‘s  involvement in adventure cycling is somehow legendary.  Loving the outdoors, she couldn’t quite fit in numerous indoor sport activities after discovering having spinal disc problem. A former swimmer and later an avid distance runner, she had to quit both and started cycling beyond her doctor’s knowledge.
As pioneering woman in the scene, she rose to the forefront amidst this predominantly male activity lies and are attributed to her nature – adventurous, competitive, daring and friendly.