Booking A Trip

Based on your specific vacation preferences, choose from our extensive and unique collections: Classic Trips, Family Trips, Full Day Trips, Half Day Trips, Penang Island Trips, Langkawi Island Trips, Gunung Jerai Trips, or Kuala Mu Trips. Next think about the amount of riding you would like to do and on what kind of terrain–flats, hills, mountains, a little of everything, or lots of off the saddle time for relaxing. On all our vacations, you can always ride as little or as much as you like, but certain trips lend themselves to the more leisurely bicyclist while others are geared to the avid cyclist. Think about what type of balance you are looking for throughout your vacation with respect to sightseeing, biking, relaxing and any other activities that you imagine to make up your perfect vacation. While some of our destinations offer numerous activities in addition to cycling–shopping, sight-seeing, museums, golf, water sports, hiking–others are decidedly bike-centric. Feel free to contact one of our knowledgeable Trip Consultants at anytime with questions.

To reserve your space on a trip please call us at +6019-4480440 (Office Hours are Monday – Saturday 9AM to 6PM.) and speak with an expert Trip Consultant. You can also reserve a space at anytime online by clicking  “BOOK THE TRIP”