Having worked in tourism for some time, we notice there are plenty of companies out there that run the same type of trips with such regularity that they have lost their true connection with the destination. Then there are the other companies that replicate what already exist – while their approach might differ the destination remains. That’s not us. We carefully craft each and every tour we offer, making sure that we are not compromising on our goal of getting you out into the country to truly experience everything that makes it tick .

On all our trips, we seldom include attractions commonly found on travel brochures. We think getting out on the bike “Matahari” style is the best way to see a country in a slow more personal way – while travelling at a reasonable pace and distance. Stopping for a photo or a chat when you feel like it. Our getaway tickets include the little out of the way places that visitors never stop in – tiny village markets, “kampung” weddings, or an indigenous people’s settlement. that barely makes it to the map.

An integral part of travelling is to have a positive impact of the places that you are visiting. The great joy of this style of travel is that you can set your own pace while experiencing the country from a very non-tourist perspective – along the way from learning a bit of local language to sampling folks delicacies or lending your hands on the projects at the native settlements – you will be truly experiencing the real Malaysia while leaving a lasting impact.

Matahari is made up by a small group of enthusiastic people with countless years of handling cycling supported rides. We are the same people locals and neighbouring cyclists seek for to launch their cycling experience to a new height or seek new adventures in life. Our members had supported from single and multiple days distance rides to around the world cycling expeditions.We use support vehicles to carry our luggage, water and supplies – or anyone who wants to take a break from riding. In this manner, riders of all abilities can still come along on the same trip and enjoy the adventure.

An important part of our philosophy is to charge reasonable prices for quality trips. As a web base company we do not have huge overhead cost of larger tour operators. We reasonably priced our tours while providing great bikes, quality accommodations and a personalised touch. When we design our tours, we craft the tours according to what it should be. As a small company, Matahari can offer a level of service far beyond anything that is possible within the larger travel companies. Right from the day you found us and by the first minute you arrive on your trip here, we shall already know you well because you will be dealing with our same staffs from our only base. All inquiries and task will be handled by our crew in the field, not the office bound telephone sales personal. Such personal touch will make it certain that you are given up to date facts and a hands on approached.